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Hot Shotz Developmental Program

What is Developmental Volleyball?

That is a good question. Ask a dozen different volleyball clubs that question and you will most likely get a dozen different answers.


Most clubs don't have large developmental programs and several have no youth volleyball programs at all. Some clubs will answer, "Well developmental programs are not important, we just have our competitive club teams because ultimately thats what counts" 


Other clubs may answer this question by stating, "Yeah we have a developmental program. We offer 4 week clinics twice a year for younger players." Thats not really a developmental program.


The real reason that most volleyball clubs don't have a significant developmental league or program is because they don't have a facility to host it. Most clubs are forced to have even their club teams practice at various schools on an irregular schedule let alone have a dedicated facility to run a developmental league on a regular year round basis.


At Hot Shotz we do have our own practice facility and we care about the well-being and development of younger volleyball players. We see our developmental league and programs, just as an MLB baseball club sees their farm system--vital and critical to our future success.


In short, developmental volleyball is a program or league that is a continuous, well-organized, well-coached, consistent method of allowing players to develop and improve their volleyball skills.


If you sign up to play in our Developmental League, whether a beginner or advanced player, you are part of the Hot Shotz volleyball family. You are important to us as a person first and a volleyball player second.


Hot Shotz Developmental Volleyball program can be summed up by the 3 goals of the program:

1. Have Fun. We try not to forget that playing volleyball is fun

2. Improve and develop skills

3. Prepare players to make school teams and ultimately play on       a Hot Shotz Club Team.




Upcoming Developmental Seasons

Play it Now Sports, in addition to offering volleyball for ages 6-14 through the Hot Shotz Developmental Program, also offers 7 other sports for kids. Please check out Safari Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, Archery, Flag Football & T-Ball-Baseball         


Hot Shotz Developmental WInter II 2023 Season (Jan-Mar)

Starts week of 1/9/23 

Registration is OPEN

Why Hot Shotz Developmental Volleyball?

The Hot Shotz Developmental Volleyball Program is unlike any other volleyball program in Colorado Springs. We are the largest, most consistent, and longest running program in the Springs.

Why are we the best though?

1. Number of sessions (seasons) throughout the year. We are almost always in season. We run (5) eight week seasons each year with short breaks between most of them. That means if you are interested you can play and develop skills year round. While we don't expect players to play in all 5 seasons some do and those players really excel. Volleyball is about learning how to do a skill the right way and repetition of that skill over a sustained period of time. Other programs don't have this option. 

2. Size of the program. While numbers may vary from season to season the program consistently has averaged around 150-160 players per 8 week season. That's 15-18 teams on average that are created and play on Friday nights. The Program has also attracted other Club and School teams that play as well. This is a large, well attended volleyball program.

3. Success of our Developmental Players. One of the goals of this program is to give our players the tools and skill set to make our Club teams and to make their school teams. Volleyball is very competitive and this program allows our players to stand out at volleyball tryouts with great results. The success of our developmental program has also allowed Hot Shotz to become the largest Volleyball Club in Colorado Springs. This year we will field 15 Club teams and a large number of those players got their start in the Developmental Program.

4. The Facility. Play it Now Sports (PINS) is our Developmental Partner in this program. PINS is the center of volleyball in Colorado Springs. All Hot Shotz Club teams and Developmental programs happen at PINS. PINS is the preeminent volleyball facility in the Springs. 100's of adult volleyball teams play there. PINS hosts every weekend for Club volleyball tournaments for USA Volleyball and many other volleyball events. By having a facility with 4 courts like PINS, the Hot Shotz Developmental Program continues to grow each year.

5. Our Coaches. All the coaches for the Hot Shotz Developmental Programs are paid coaches. Many of our club coaches also coach developmental teams. By paying our coaches, and not using volunteers as many programs do, we are able to get fantastic and consistent coaching in the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the info on our program. We are passionate and very excited about the future of Hot Shotz volleyball. If you have additional questions we would love to speak with you. Please give Chris Phillips a call at


How does the Hot Shotz Developmental Volleyball Program at Play it Now Sports work?


The Hot Shotz Developmental Program is for ages 6-14 and is broken into 3 age divisions with 2 different types of Leagues.


Age Divisions:

6-8 yr old coed         9-11 yr old coed       12-14 yr old coed


Ages 6-8: 6-8 yr olds may join our 90 minute/weekly Skills Development Program. This program is age specific and is designed to teach basic volleyball skills including passing and serving. This program for our youngest players will make use of *Volley Lite* volleyballs that are lighter and have softer skins than regulation balls. The goal for our 6-8 yr olds is to instill a love for the game of volleyball. Lots of fun drills and games for this age group. Days available for the 6-8 yr old program (you choose) include Tues, Thur, and Saturday mornings. Cost for the 6-8 age division (1 day per week time comittment) is $99. Each season/session lasts for 8 weeks and is held 5 times throughout the year. For more information about start dates and exact times please

Click Here

Ages 9-11 and 12-14: For players ages 9-11, and 12-14 the Hot Shotz Developmental Program is a 2 day per week League. Practice 1 day and play 1 day.


All players in these 2 age divisions will be organized into teams that will practice together and play matches together as a team. All teams for these age divisions in the Hot Shotz Developmental League will play on Friday Nights ("Game Night") at the Play it Now Sports facility.


So how does it work? First you choose a practice day. Practice days for both age divsions include:

Tuesday Evenings-----5:15 to 6:45

Thursday Evenings----5:00 to 6:30 or 6:30-8:00

Saturday Afternoon-----12:00 to 1:30


Please choose your practice day carefully as this is the day that your player's team will practice each week during the 8 week season. From each practice day 2-3 teams from each age division will be created based on the skill level of each player. Hence we are able to accomodate skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced players and help both grow and improve their skills. 


****Just a quick word about age divisions****

For our players in the 9-11 age division we would encourage you to play in that division as opposed to wanting to play up in the older age division. Also, since teams from both age divisions will be split based on skill we would rather have 9-11 yr olds with more experience play on a more skilled 9-11 yr old team than a less skilled 12-14 old team. For questions regarding age division and team selection please speak with Chris Phillips (591-6010) or Kevin Campbell (323-8665).


***Team Selection***   Teams for both age divisions will be chosen based on skill level and experience of the players. With this in mind please understand that it is in everyone's best interest, especially our players, for us to place them on a team that will not only challenge them but will also put them in the best position to excel and succeed. Also remember that our seasons are only 8 weeks long and movement between teams from season to season will happen as player's skills improve. 


What will happen on Friday Nights when they start playing?

Friday nights will be broken up into 2 times--1 for each age division:

9-11 yr old teams will play from 5:15 till 6:45

12-14 yr old teams will play from 6:45 till 8:30


For the first Friday night of the season teams will be ranked, (based on our best guess), from 1st through 12th. Teams ranked 1st,2nd and 3rd will play in a 3 team pool on court 1. Teams ranked 4th,5th, and 6th will play in a 3 team pool on court 2 and so on...


Each team in the 3 team pool will play each other for a total of 3 matches that night. Each match will consist of 2 sets to 25 points. Total point differential will be the tie-breaker if each team finishes 1-1 for the night. 


Since each pool will have 3 teams, the team's coach that is not playing will be the up referee and will officiate the match for the other 2 teams playing. The off team will also provide 2 players to serve as line judges and players to help keep the scoreboard. Friday night matches will be played as a real tournament. 


Based upon the results of play for the first Friday night teams will then either move up/down or remain on the court they started at. This system will insure that teams will be playing other teams of similar skill level each beginner teams most likely won't play advanced teams unless the beginner teams keep winning each week and the advanced team keeps losing.


****Cost for the 9-11, and 12-14 age divisions****


Registration cost for both age divisions for the Hot Shotz Developmental Volleyball League is $218 and is all inclusive.


What is included in the registration cost?

8-90 minute practice sessions (1 per week)

6-Friday night team matches. Each team plays 4 sets on Fri's

Volleyball Jersey (on loan until end of season)

Hot Shotz/Play it Now Sports practice shirt is included

in new player's $25 registration fee

Dedicated coach for each team. Same coach for practices and games. Our Developmental Coaches are paid coaches and many also coach Club teams.

Comraderie and Excitement of playing together as a team

Visibility with Hot Shotz Club coaches 



Can entire teams sign up to play in the League? 

Yes. You can sign up as a team to play in either age division. There are 2 options for doing this: 

a) sign up as individuals ($218 per player) requesting to play together as a team. Must have at least 6 players. Will still include uniforms, coach, and practice times. Choose practice day. 

b) sign up as a school, club team, etc are also welcome in our league. Please contact Chris Phillips at 591-6010 for availability and cost. Must all be in some uniform (matching t-shirts, etc).

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