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Hot Shotz Developmental Program

What is Developmental Volleyball?

Developmental volleyball with Hot Shotz has 3 goals in mind.   The players are taught the skills needed to get better in the game of volleyball, they are taught that this is still a game and they need to have fun doing so, and the goal of progression (which is different for every player).   Whether a players goal is to just learn/have fun, to make a school team or to make one of our club teams.   Players are there for different reasons but are all trained by our coaches the same.


All players that participate in the Hot Shotz Developmental program, whether a beginner or advanced player, you are part of the Hot Shotz volleyball family. You are important to us as a person first and a volleyball player second.


Hot Shotz Developmental program can be summed up by the 3 goals of the program:

1. Have Fun. We try not to forget that playing volleyball is fun

2. Improve and develop volleyball skills, needed to excel in the game.

3. Prepare players to make school teams and ultimately play on a Hot Shotz Club Team.

For questions, contact Kevin

Kevin Campbell



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