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Hot Shotz Girls Club Team Tryouts for the 2022-2023

Club Season:


** We will have at least 2-3 positions available at each age group at tryouts, per team **
Tryouts for 12's,13's & 14's will be held Mon July 11th , 2022   5:15-6:45pm
Tryouts for 15's, 16's, 17's & 18's will be on Wed July 13th, 2022   5:15-6:45pm
14 & UNDER: 1:00-2:30PM
15 & OLDER: 2:30-4:00PM
at Play it Now Sports
(Tryout Fee is $25 per player -- 12's tryouts are Free)


Not sure which age to tryout for?
Email Kevin Campbell - if you have questions

12's    10 or 11 yr olds not turning 12 before 7/1     7/11 - 5:15 - 6:45pm

13's    12 yr olds not turning 13 before 7/1               7/11 - 5:15 - 6:45pm

14's    13 yr olds not turning 14 before 7/1               7/11 - 5:15 - 6:45pm     

15's    14 yr olds not turning 15 before 7/1               7/13 - 5:15 - 6:45pm    

16's    15 yr olds not turning 16 before 7/1               7/13 - 5:15 - 6:45pm     

17's    16 yr olds not turning 17 before 7/1               7/13 - 5:15 - 6:45pm

18's    17 yr olds not turning 18 before 7/1               7/13 - 5:15 - 6:45pm

If possible, players will still look to tryout with their grade.  So, normally a Freshman high school would be 15's, but they might be 14's eligible.   They should still come to 15's.  See the grade breakdown below:

12's -  6th grade or younger

13's - 7th grade

14's - 8th grade

15's - 9th grade

16's - 10th grade

17's - 11th grade

18's - 12th grade

If you need help on which tryout to attend, contact Kevin Campbell -


***Please arrive 30-60 minutes before tryout time to check in***


***Please see below for list of items to bring with you to tryouts***

***If you have to miss the tryouts please contact Kevin Campbell at

               to try and make other arrangements***



Please bring the following to tryouts:

Proof of Date of Birth   ( copy of birth certificate or passport.  NO MILITARY ID )


 $25 Non-Refundable Tryout Fee    (This is FREE for 12's )


Check for first Club Dues payment

(This is a separate check from the Tryout Fee)

all ages - $600 first dues payment


Parent will need to be there to sign in for anyone that didn't play club volleyball last season, as we will have a waiver to be signed.




For this upcoming season Hot Shotz Volleyball plans to have at least the following teams:

12 Black & 12 Red--10 and 11 yr olds not turning 12 before 7/1

13 Black & 13 Red--12 yr olds not turning 13 before 7/1

14 Black & 14 Red--13 yr olds not turning 14 before 7/1

15 Black & 15 Red--14 yr olds not turning 15 before 7/1

16 Black & 16 Red--15 yr olds not turning 16 before 7/1

17 Black & 17 Red--16 yr olds not turning 17 before 7/1

18 Black & 18 Red--17 yr olds not turning 18 before 7/1

***Subject to Change***


With more teams being offered in the younger ages than previous years there will be more opportunities for younger players to make Club Teams.


Club Teams participate in 4 different kinds of Tournaments depending on their age and team: Some of the younger teams compete in our developmental league that plays on Friday nights. All club teams participate in Regional Tournaments held throughout the State running from Jan-Apr. These tournaments are typically on Sundays, last most of the day, and are called Powers or Power Tournaments. Power Tournaments are against other Clubs throughout the State.  The travel tournament is called a qualifier (to qualify for Nationals). These are 3 day tournaments over a weekend. Most are out of state and usually attended by our 14 yr olds and up ages.  The last kind is a travel tournament is in the AAU.   Those travels are very similar to the qualifier travels, just a different volleyball association.


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