Hot Shotz Staff

Dani Campbell-Club Director

Head Coach 15 Black

 Head Coach 14 Black

Kevin Campbell

Head Coach 17 Black

 Head Coach 16 Black

Assistant Coach 18 Black

Chris Phillips

Director--Developmental Programs

Head Coach 12 Black

Charlie Miller

Assistant Coach 14 Black

Recruiting Advisor

Kylie Camacho

Assistant Coach 16 Black

Gwen Prater

Assistant Coach 15 Black

 Assistant to the Director

Cassandra Walton

Head Coach 16 Grey

Assistant Coach 18 Red Boys

Katie Lewis

   Head Coach  17 Red

Eric Walton

Head Coach 18 Red Boys

Assistant Coach 16 Grey 

Mary Smith

Assistant Coach 17 Red

Dane Fisher

Head Coach 18 Black

Head Coach 18 Black Boys

Jayda Kunze

Head Coach 13 Black

Assistant Coach 18 Black Boys

Abigail Garnhart

Head Coach 16 Red

Assistant Coach 17 Black

Recruiting Advisor

Alicia Phillips

Assistant Coach 13 Black

Assistant Coach 16 Red

Sumerr Paxton

Co-Head Coach 15 Red

Assistant Coach 18 Red

Katie Billeaud

Head Coach 13 Red

Head Coach 14 Red

Mallory Hutchison

Head Coach 12 Red

Kennady Doggett

Assistant Coach 12 Red

Shamree Howard

Co-Head Coach 15 Red

Regan Boots

Assistant Coach 14 Red

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